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Anonymous: tumblr crushes?
5:34 pm, Wednesday with 0 notes
Anonymous: which NHL team is your favorite and which captain is your favorite?

My favourite team is the Maple Leafs & ugh basically all the captains in the NHL are amazing… I gotta say Toews but Crosby is a close second :)

8:53 pm, Saturday with 0 notes
Anonymous: Have you ever been to a hockey game? :)

Yeah, not an NHL game though if that’s what you mean :(

8:36 pm, Saturday with 0 notes
Anonymous: Post them thats fine, just spread it out. You seem to favor the Canucks. Scrolling through I see more Canucks stuff than any other team. There's practically no Leafs stuff and they're your favorite team.

I really try to post an even amount of every team but some teams come up more than others and the Canucks happen to come up on my dashboard more often than any other team. And I’m not going to post a ton of Leafs stuff because they’re my favourite team. If there’s a lack of pictures from a certain team I’ll upload some and give credit to the owner. I try my best to please everyone and post all the teams daily but it’s hard sometimes. I apologize if I made it look like I favour the Canucks, when it comes to my blog I don’t “favour” any team.

1:12 am, Friday with 1 note
Anonymous: Fresh blog, but you need to stop with the Vancouver posts. My team plays them like once a season but watching them in the playoffs against the Bruins and I started to hate them, and I'm not even a Bruins fan.

Vancouver isn’t my favourite team either but I post every team in the NHL and unless you plan to get the Canucks removed from the league I’ll keep posting them.. Sorry.

12:49 am, Friday with 1 note
Anonymous: Aw your favorite team is the maple leafs...I'm sorry

I love my team, I don’t need your pity. 

7:33 pm, Tuesday with 7 notes
Anonymous: Whats your favorite team?

Toronto Maple Leafs <3

12:23 pm, Tuesday with 0 notes
Anonymous: Are you American?

No, I’m Canadian :)

11:30 am, Thursday with 3 notes
Anonymous: who are your top three most disliked teams?

Hopefully I don’t offend anybody but here they are in order from most hated to least

1) Montreal Canadiens

2) Vancouver Canucks 

3) Ottawa Senators 

I love how I’m Canadian and all the teams I hate are Canadian teams… I dunno man.

3:26 pm, Saturday with 0 notes
goingschizo: Your opinion on the lockout... go!

I honestly saw it coming since June.. I don’t know how everyone else didn’t see it. I think it’s completely absurd, everyone can feel free to hate and disagree with me but the players are being way too damn selfish. The money they ask for is (for a lack of a better word) retarded. Think of it this way, the owners are the bosses and the players are the employees. In what world do the employees make more than the boss? The owners make a lot of money, more than the players. But the owners are the ones who screwed themselves over. They approve contracts that are the reason why there is a lockout. It’s the owners fault but the players aren’t doing anything about it. 

The players aren’t going to cave it and neither are the owners. And because of that the fans suffer. They’re both being selfish at this point.

7:32 pm, Wednesday with 1 note
Anonymous: do you think that finnish hockey players are at the same level as the americans or canadians?

I think European players are amazing. And yes, I think they have just as much skill as any North American player, Russian players and so on. Bottom line is, if you’re in any type of professional hockey league you have to be good.

7:13 pm, Wednesday with 0 notes
Anonymous: Do you like the new Anaheim Ducks jerseys or the old ones? :)

I LOVED their old uniforms! The word “Ducks” on the front with the webbed foot as the “D” just isn’t original… Idk that’s just my opinion.

6:34 pm, Tuesday with 0 notes
Anonymous: how do you find the people you follow? (you follow me, but i'm just curious)

When I first got my blog I just looked through tags and followed people who post similar stuff as me. I look at the notes on pictures I like to see who reblogged it, stuff like that :P

6:30 pm, Tuesday with 0 notes
Anonymous: just an innocent question right now: do you know all of the people you reblog?

Aww (: I know one personally and that’s hockeyinspires. I know a few from talking to them on Tumblr & the rest I don’t know at all :P 

12:12 pm, Tuesday with 0 notes
Anonymous: how can you be the god of hockey in tumblr?

Oh my, I have no idea. :/ I think they would have to have the perfect theme, top notch quality hockey pics, stats, news, basically know everything there is about hockey lmfao.

12:08 pm, Tuesday with 0 notes