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2/28/14: if i go like this the camera won’t see me
- a foolproof plan by Marian Hossa & Jonathan Toews

So, there is this guy that I think I might like but I don't know if he likes me, and I don't know how to like show/tell my feelings.. We talked a lot this summer and I was at his house today cuz he had a bonfire and invited a bunch of people but I really don't know what to do haha

I’m kind of in the same position and I know it’s hard to express your feelings sometimes. Since you guys talk a lot just casually bring it up in conversation, maybe be like “so, do you like anyone?” I know it’s really cliché but I guess there’s a chance it could work. He probably doesn’t know how to show/tell his feelings for you either so don’t worry :) and I’m honestly so bad at stuff like this, when I like someone I always blank out and never know what to do/say so idk if my advice is the best lol but good luck <3 


I always just wanted to say hey and let you know I'm from the GTA, so hey girl heyyy!

hey :) oh, that’s sooo cool! come off anon sometime? c:



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