That moment when you are sitting at the airport beside some random guy then walk away only to realize it was JONATHAN FUCKING TOEWS…" [x]

2014 Player Media Tour: Travis Zajac

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The guys at Popeye's supplements are phenomenal about answering your questions and directing you to look at a product that best suits you. They're beyond knowledgeable and always happy to point out the better value too!

ok thank you so much :) I don’t think there’s a store near me though, is Nutrition House a good place to go too?

  • ★ - Want any tattoos? not right now, but maybe someday :)
  • ☄ - I wish… my shift will go by really fast tomorrow lmao
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  • ☝ - How tall are you? umm like 5’5 lol

i also dread going to work because they still haven’t given me a uniform and i feel like i stick out like a sore thumb and customers probably think i don’t work there……..

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just flash your pretty smile and keep calm and you’ll do great :)

thank you, i’ll try :)

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